LARA is the Most Extensive Adult Education Resource in Lafayette

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December 5, 2016
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December 5, 2016

LARA is the Most Extensive Adult Education Resource in Lafayette


LARA is Lafayette Area Resource Academy, and with locations in Lafayette, Monticello, and Delphi, LARA is one of the area’s largest resources for adults. LARA acts as an adult educational resource in Lafayette by offering high school and college preparatory classes, english as a second language (ESL) classes, job training, and testing services. LARA has proudly been serving the community for over 30 years.


LARA offers adults age 16 and older the chance to develop or continue their education. Think of these classes as a guide to your future. Some classes are aimed at preparing you for college or a job. Others are language-based and aim to help those seeking to learn English as a second language. The counselors at LARA are there to help you succeed! All of the classes offered at LARA are completely free. They also offer free childcare for children one year or older, during class time. LARA is willing to work with you to make it work.

Job Training

For those who seek to immediately enter the job force, lack of experience could be a disadvantage. That’s why it’s important to have some sort of tangible training or certification. LARA can provide that type of training. LARA helps individuals in those areas through certification training in the following:

  • Administrative Assistant (IC3 or MOS)
  • Truck Driver (CDL-A/CDL-B)
  • Certified Nurse (C.N.A)
  • Production Worker (MSSC CPT)
  • Patient Access – CHAA
  • Entry Welder (A.W.S)

Through LARA, many local residents have experienced success in finding a better paying job.


Romney-Meadows-renovationsLARA offers several testing services for a variety of certifications and diagnostics. For those who don’t know where they stand, they offer free readiness tests. LARA offers the following tests:

  • High School Equivalency Assessments
  • College placement diagnostic tests
  • ParaPro Testing

LARA also offers language based testing through TOEFL. These tests can be very important when looking to find a job or continue one’s education.

No matter how important things may seem, it is impossible to plan for unexpected turns in life. That’s exactly why LARA exists. LARA can help those who seek to finish, develop, or continue their education. As both a language and learning facility, LARA makes for the ultimate adult education resource in Lafayette and surrounding areas.

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