Renovations Come to a Close with the Completion of the Romney Meadows Clubhouse

Improvements at Romney Meadows Are About More than Appearance
December 5, 2016

Renovations Come to a Close with the Completion of the Romney Meadows Clubhouse

Romney Meadows Clubhouse

Lafayette, Ind — In a project that’s been over a year in the making, the revitalization efforts at Romney Meadows on the southwest side of Lafayette have more or less come to a close with the completion of the Romney Meadows clubhouse.

The affordable housing community, formerly known as Claystone at the Crossing, went through a major overhaul through much of 2016 and into 2017, as new management made efforts to improve the community’s safety, functionality, and aesthetics.

With the new clubhouse complete, Romney Meadows staff were finally able to move to their new office and open up the former clubhouse for one of the community’s partners, Bauer Family Resources.

Both Romney Meadows residents and staff are excited about the completion of the clubhouse, as it will serve as a space for staff to conduct business operations and a space for residents to enjoy. “We’re still adjusting to having a different space,” said Property Manager LaTonya Fleming, “This open space allows us to better serve the residents as they come in.”

The new clubhouse features an open design, a spacious lounge, and an outdoor patio. The purpose of the new clubhouse is to better serve the residents, and that meant making it more kid friendly. The new space has ADA compliant restrooms with baby changing stations, as well as a playground outside.

Interior design work at the clubhouse was completed by KJG Architecture.

On the completion of the project, the designers at KJG said,

“The final outcome for the leasing office is a space for the staff to come in and be excited about their work and to showcase all that Romney Meadows has to offer. It is an open-office environment where everyone is visibly connected within the space. A combination of clean lines, colors, textures, art, and even some plant life were all relevant in this space. This project was a joy to work on in all aspects and a great collaboration between KJG Interiors, Integra, and the Romney Meadows Staff.”

One of the most exciting aspects of the revitalization project is the plan for the former clubhouse. Previously, Bauer Family Resources occupied a portion of the clubhouse with the office staff. Romney Meadows is excited to announce that the old clubhouse will now donated in its entirety to Bauer.

Bauer Family Resources was founded in 1929 by Grace Bauer. The program was originally meant to serve as a place for children to participate in organized activities to stay out of trouble. Over time, Bauer grew to serve more than just children and now serves entire families, as well as several counties around Central Indiana.

At Romney Meadows, Bauer is an important cog in the community’s function. Many young children live in the community, and many of those children participate in Bauer’s after-school and summer programs. Bauer is an essential resource for both residents and their children. The organization plans to make modifications to their new space in the months to come.
The outlook on Romney Meadows future has become increasingly positive. The new renovations have improved the safety of both Romney Meadows and the surrounding communities. The original goal of the revitalization project was to become the affordable housing community of choice in Lafayette. Based on the number of inquiries the property has recently received, it’s safe to say that goal has been met.

Romney Meadows Clubhouse