Say hello to the residents of Romney Meadows!

Each of the residents of Romney Meadows has their own story. Here are just a few examples.

Edith Allen

When Edith Allen separated from her husband, she could have let herself sink, but instead, she decided to pick herself up and open as many doors as possible. Like many people living in urban Chicago, Edith often worried about the safety of her children. After her separation, Edith and her three children moved to Lafayette, where she says she has gained the ability to be more independent.

Angela Bryant

Angela Bryant has lived at Romney Meadows, formerly Claystone at the Crossing, for over three years now. In that span, she has seen a huge change in the community. Like many other residents of Romney Meadows, the Lafayette community has allowed her to expand her horizons.

LaTonya Fleming

Property manager LaTonya Fleming has been with Romney Meadows since it was acquired by new ownership in November 2015. Formerly dependent upon affordable housing herself, LaTonya takes pride in leading the management team onsite and feels that she has a special appreciation of the needs of her residents. LaTonya chooses to live at the property with her husband and three youngest children, believing that by living with her tenants she can be more engaged with them as a part of their community.

Paige Mills

Paige Mills has lived in Lafayette her entire life. When she became pregnant with her daughter Autumn, she had to make a tough decision to move to a new place before her baby arrived. With the baby only weeks away from being born, Mills settled into her new home at Romney Meadows, formerly known as Claystone at the Crossing. Mills didn’t realize how fortunate she was because shortly after she moved in, the community began making improvements that would soon make the property the affordable housing community of choice in Lafayette, Indiana.

Dwain Sadler

Meet Dwain Sadler. He’s the Rehab Manager for Romney Meadows and the Head of Maintenance for American Apartment Management. Dwain has been working hard on the Romney Meadow capital improvements since October 2015. He has worked with American Apartment Management since 1993. Dwain lives in Knoxville, Tennessee with his wife, but has been staying on the property during construction.

Ashley Coons

Ashley Coons is a full-time mother. With three children that require lots of attention, working full-time isn’t a viable option for her. But with every new improvement made at Romney Meadows, Ashley has just one fewer thing to worry about.

Donna Booker

Donna Booker loves decorating her apartment with bright lights, especially for the holiday season. “I’m a decorator and I like to decorate my windows with a design. I just love decorating and everyone gives me compliments on my house,” says Booker.

Lydia Gilbert

Lydia Gilbert recently celebrated her work anniversary at Romney Meadows, formerly known as Claystone at the Crossing. Lydia is a Leasing Agent at Romney Meadows and has over 14 years of experience in her field. She was hired by the new owners as part of a management team that works together as a resource available to residents of the community.

Shirley Lawson

When Claystone at the Crossing changed ownership in 2015, the new owners made a commitment to bring in a management team that would be engaged with the residents. One of the new staff members is Shirley Lawson, who helps the property with marketing.


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