My Story – Angela Bryant

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September 30, 2016
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September 30, 2016

My Story – Angela Bryant


Angela Bryant has lived at Romney Meadows, formerly Claystone at the Crossing, for over three years now. In that span, she has seen a huge change in the community. Like many other residents of Romney Meadows, the Lafayette community has allowed her to expand her horizons.

With three young children, Angela has been able to pursue her education thanks to the abundant resources in the southwest Lafayette community. Residents of Romney Meadows have access to resources like Bauer Family Resources , an educational growth “family resource” servicing Lafayette and the surrounding area. Romney Meadows currently houses a Bauer program operating in the community’s  clubhouse. After renovations are complete, the main office will be moved to a new clubhouse, and Bauer will take over the entire old clubhouse. Romney Meadows is also located very close to the First Assembly Community Ministry. The assembly’s community center is an important part of the Romney Meadows’ community and offers members of the community a place to connect through faith.

It is because of resources like these that Angela Bryant is able to raise her three young children and attend school. With only four classes to go, Angela will soon have her degree in medical administration. She is well on her way to her dream job of working in a physician’s office.  According to Bryant, the improvements in the community have allowed her to be a successful student.

Since she moved here from Illinois, she no longer has to worry so much about the safety of her kids. Compared to her former home in Illinois, Angela also feels that her children are safer at Romney Meadows.

She says, “Since [new management] installed the new security cameras, it has really calmed down. The community is well on its way.”

Besides the new security features, Angela says that she and many other residents love the new renovations because they make the apartments feel more like home.

“I love these renovations. They give [the community] a much more modern look. I’m proud to live here.”