My Story – Edith Allen

My Story – Angela Bryant
September 30, 2016

My Story – Edith Allen

When Edith Allen separated from her husband, she could have let herself sink, but instead, she decided to pick herself up and open as many doors as possible. Like many people living in urban Chicago, Edith often worried about the safety of her children. After her separation, Edith and her three children moved to Lafayette, where she says she has gained the ability to be more independent.

“Now that I’m separated, coming here was a step up because it allowed me to become independent. It allows me to be able to go forward with my dreams,” she says.

Moving from Chicago to Lafayette was a big transition for Edith and her family but one she regards as completely positive. Edith and her three children each have their own bedrooms in a beautiful apartment at Romney Meadows, and according to her, the transition has given her life some much needed peace.

“I need to be able to relax,” says Edith, “I need to be able to feel safe; I need to be able to feel comfortable when my children go outside and not be leery about where they are or who they’re with or what activities may be taking place around them.”

Edith says that since Romney Meadows– formerly Claystone at the Crossing — has made recent renovations, she has seen a change in the demeanor of the community. The recent renovations have made Romney Meadows a desirable place to live. This was extremely important for Edith because, like many Section 8 housing participants, she does not want affordable housing to be seen as a charity.

“It’s a hand up, not a hand out,” says Edith, who believes this important distinction is what has allowed her to pursue her dreams.

Edith was searching for peace of mind she moved her family, and she has found that peace at Romney Meadows. Now, she is chasing dreams that she had no idea were a possibility for her.

“I have pursued my education; I have pursued not-for-profit organizations. There are certain things that I now have the opportunity to accomplish. It’s a blessing to be able to live in a safe environment where I can be a benefit to those around me and the community around me.”

“I feel that it’s not where I live but how I live, and as long as I can live the way that I’m comfortable with, the way that God allows me to be, then I’m okay as far as I can understand.”