Affordable Housing Community Undergoing Revitalization

Local Affordable Housing Community Unveils Name Change
December 2, 2016

Affordable Housing Community Undergoing Revitalization

For immediate release: 10/20/2016


LaTonya Fleming

Property Manager

The community formerly known as Claystone at the Crossing is now under new ownership and has made some big-scale changes.

Lafayette, Ind. — The affordable housing community formerly known as Claystone at the Crossing is the subject of a community revitalization project scheduled to conclude in spring of 2017. This week, the property’s managing entity, Integra Property Group, announced that the community will be renamed Romney Meadows. Though the official “grand opening” of the Claystone renovations isn’t occurring for several more months, heavy renovations have long since commenced, and there are already several noticeable differences on the property, including upgraded apartment and security features.

In cooperation with the Lafayette Police Department, the Claystone renovations will include upgraded security features, such as a state-of-the-art surveillance system and increased lighting around the complex. Security was identified as one of the biggest challenges plaguing the project. The new camera systems will feed directly to the police department for monitoring and hopes are that this will put the minds of the residents at ease. The increased lighting will also be a deterrent for crime in the parking lots.

The parking lots themselves are the subject of their own repairs. With 18 ADA compliant apartments on the premises, Integra made it a point to make the crumbling pavement and sidewalks easier to navigate for those with disabilities. In addition to the parking lots, each apartment unit is receiving structural updates — including upgraded roofs, ventilation, and insulation — as well as cosmetic updates, specifically new counters and flooring Integra hopes that these changes will show current and prospective residents that Romney Meadows’ new management team is committed to offering quality living for low-income families.

The switch to vinyl flooring, upgraded counters and cabinets, and energy-conscious lighting were all decisions made by management to both increase resident comfort and cut down on maintenance. The staff doesn’t want to spend money on maintenance any more than the residents want to be bothered by maintenance requests. These upgrades will solve both issues.

To learn more about the renovations being made at Romney Meadows, visit their website,  

About Integra Property Group

Integra Property Group has successfully completed community renovations like this one in the past. The company has said that one of their biggest commitments is to the safety and comfort of the residents. The property is being managed by the company American Apartment Management. Together, the goal is to make Romney Meadows the affordable housing community of choice in Lafayette, Indiana.