Local Affordable Housing Community Unveils Name Change

Affordable Housing Community Undergoing Revitalization
December 2, 2016
Affordable Housing Community Undergoing Revitalization
December 2, 2016

Local Affordable Housing Community Unveils Name Change

Romney-MeadowsFor Immediate Release

LaTonya Fleming

Property Manager


Community renovations at the property formerly known as Claystone at the Crossing culminated into an event hosted by property management.

Lafayette, Ind — The affordable housing community, formerly known as Claystone at the Crossing, will henceforth be known as Romney Meadows. In a press conference held Tuesday at the property, Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski revealed the property’s new name. The name change comes approximately a year after the community changed ownership and management. Romney Meadows has underwent extensive physical changes, but the name change represents much more.

While addressing local community and business leaders, Mayor Roswarski stated, “We’re unveiling a name, but a name is just a symbol. What really matters is what is behind that name: . . . the commitment of the people of the community, the commitment of the owners, the commitment of the staff. But by pulling all of us together, I think we have the greatest opportunity that we’ve ever had to make what was formerly known as Claystone at the Crossing — it will now be known as Romney Meadows — to truly be a part of the community. It won’t just be that place out on the edge of town but . . . part of Lafayette.”

Romney Meadows was purchased by Integra Property Group, who has worked with local businesses to completely revitalize the property.

“We’re involving local trades as much as possible,” said Hans Juhle, Integra’s founder. “The electricians, the plumbers, Mulhaupts is installing the security cameras, KJG is doing the office building. That’s important because it’s this sense of community; it’s this sense of support which we think will turn this property’s tide.”

Juhle went on to state the importance that management placed on resident safety and comfort. Renovations have included extensive work inside the individual units themselves. They’ve all been upgraded with Energy Star appliances, low-energy LED lighting, and improved insulation, which will save residents money on utilities.

“We’re committed to seeing this through,” said Juhle. “We’re only now just getting started and the physical changes will end soon. The real transformation of this property is going to be a long process that we’re really proud to be a part of.”

Police Sergeant John Yestrebsky made closing statements about the property’s transformation. Sergeant Yestrebsky has been the courtesy officer at the location since the property was annexed by the city in 2001, so he has witnessed the transformation as closely as anyone. Yestrebsky credited management for their commitment to improving the community. He says he is seeing a sense of pride from residents that he hasn’t seen before.

“I can tell you that the transformation is absolutely the best that I could ever hope for,” said Yastrebsky. “Be part of the solution; that’s what I’d like to see. I encourage everyone to get on that.”

Renovations are set to come to an end in the coming months. There are a few more units that are getting their finishing touches, and the new staff offices are nearly complete.

In closing, Mayor Roswarski stated, “We can take the principle to reinforce trust, overcome obstacles, build those relationships, and I know if we do that, a year from now, we’re all going to be very proud of Romney Meadows. We’re all going to be proud to have it as part of the Lafayette community. The people who live here are going to be proud to say they call Lafayette home.”